Auth Methods

Auth Armor supports multiple ways to authenticate and authorize. They fall into 3 main categories and enable many methods of authentication.

📱 Auth Armor Authenticator App

Our custom-built biometric authenticator app enables multiple methods of authentication and is the most secure of all the options, as it is cryptographically secure and allows roaming authentication.

Our Authenticator enables the following:

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Real-time Push Messaging and Authentication
  • Usernameless Authentication
  • QR Code Authentication
  • WebAuthn/FIDO
  • FIDO Security Keys

🛡️ WebAuthn

WebAuthn is a new security standard that has been developed in part by the FIDO alliance. Members of this alliance include Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many more. WebAuthn is, in our opinion, the future of all authentication for the web. The Auth Armor Authenticator is using WebAuthn for all authentication options that it supports.

WebAuthn enables the following:

  • WebAuthn/FIDO
  • FIDO Security Keys
  • Usernameless Authentication

✉️ Magiclink Emails

Magiclink emails, or one-click emails are a newer authentication and authorization method that relies on the trust of a user's email inbox. Magiclink emails are sent to a trusted and verified email address belonging to the user. The user clicks on the link inside the email to authenticate, thereby logging the user in or another action you can specify.

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