Billing is done on a monthly basis for each active user on your account that exceed the included users for your account. Each account has a number of active users that are included at no cost each month.

Once the included active users have been exceeded, each additional user is billed at the rate specified on your account.

You can find your billing rate, included users, total users and current active users for the month., as well as your estimated bill at

What is an active user?

A user is considered active for the billing month if that user had at least one authentication event in that given month.

For example, let's say you have 26,000 total users for your website, app or service. Now let's say 13,000 of those users authenticated to your service at least once this month. That is half of your total user base. That means you only have 13,000 active users that are billable.

If you have 10,000 included users, then you are only billed for 3,000 users that month.

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