Updating Users

Updating a Users email address

To update an email address for a user, you need to start an change request. This will trigger the Auth Armor platform to send a registration email to the new email address. Once the registration email has been clicked and the token verified, the email address will update for the user

  1. call start change route - https://docs.autharmor.com/reference/v3-users-magiclink-email-update-start
  • You can use the same registration redirect url you use for new users, or you can make a new one.
  1. Validate the token - https://docs.autharmor.com/reference/post_v3-users-register-magiclink-email-validate
  • Use the same logic that is used for registering users for Magiclink emails


Magiclink Emails as usernames

If a user registered using Magiclink Emails, then the username for this user is also the email address. If you change the email address for a user, you might also need to update the username.

Updating a Users username

See: https://docs.autharmor.com/reference/post_v3-users-register-magiclink-email-validate


Be careful!

It's usually not a good idea to change a username. However, it can sometimes be necessary and we provide the option if needed.