Getting Started

Welcome to Auth Armor! πŸ‘‹

Getting started is easy.

Sign up

First, head over to and sign-up or login.

Once you have signed up, a project is created for you. You can create unlimited projects. Each project has its own collection of users, API keys and settings.

Create a project

After creating a project, you need to integrate Auth Armor to your project. This can be done multiple ways. We have several libraries and SDKs you can use to get started quickly.

Learn more about the dashboard here:


The main concepts are the JavaScript Client SDK and the Backend API.

The JavaScript Client SDK enables a quick and easy way to add authentication and registration forms to your website, app, or login page.

learn more about the JavaScript SDK here:

The backend API is a collection of all the APIs you need to register, authenticate and authorize users. We have multiple libraries that wrap the API in your preferred language.

Learn more about the Backend API here: