Organizations that utilize or plan to utilize Auth Armor already have an existing user base. In an effort at establishing some recommendations, below we detail our recommendations for moving from some other well-established methods to the Auth Armor service/method.

Moving from an Email + Password to Auth Armor (With/Without the App)

As an initial choice, choose the authentication method you would like to go ahead with for this option here


  • Load the current userbase into Auth Armor via the API of the auth method of choice.
  • Implement code to load any new users into Auth Armor in addition to when you are performing your still current e.g email+password setup etc.


Balanced transition of all old and all new users.

This transitions all old and any new users who signup to your service to Auth Armor within this transition period

  • Now educate old users that you will be changing/adding to your current auth services completely and that this and that is what they need to know about it.


  1. Auth Armor is to provide better security with an easier and faster authentication/authorization experience.

  2. Let them download the Auth Armor App as advised as well. (Auth Armor automatically educates customers as to the need for the app, when they scan a QR Code etc, but cautioning them is needed to ensure they know it’s needed beforehand - for Trust).


  • On a set date/time, transition to the new Auth Armor setup you would have now implemented at this time.
  • Ensuring old users know about this transition and how to handle it and that the only thing very new users know is this new simple Authentication experience.
  • Maintaining trust across all the old and new users.

Offering Auth Armor in addition to other authentication options:

  • This can be easily implemented without the need to transition your old users over.
  • Simply implement a fresh authentication method of choice using your Auth Armor method of choice.


Maintain Implementation Distinctiveness

Implement this across the board as a distinct e.g. function, file, conditional execution when implementing it in addition to your current methods to maintain separation.

  • Add this to your frontend authentication options and on authentication, your user/new users will be given Auth Armor as their login/signin option.

Communicating replacement/addition changes:

We stress that it is important to communicate to your old and new users about the change of authentication/authorization method to Auth Armor so as to prevent any false positives, reports of phishing, spam reports, etc.

What’s Next