Auth Armor provides a very powerful JavaScript based SDK for your front-end client. Our SDK makes integrating passwordless authentication fast and secure. For more information, please visit

Client SDK API Key

To use the SDK, you must first generate a SDK key. This key is public and can be included in public-facing code, such as your website code.



Auth SDK keys are JWT Tokens

Please note - The Auth SDKs are JWT tokens that are signed. These JWT tokens contain no expiration date. However, these JWT tokens will have a unique signature each time you copy from the dashboard. You can use a system such as to view the JWT token and see the API key within. We use JWT tokens to prevent abuse.


Allowed URLS

The SDK client will only work on URLS that you have specified to be allowed. Please enter all URLS that should be valid for this project. Only the host and post is needed, for example: https://localhost or https://localhost:42134 or


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