The Auth Armor mobile app does not use passwords.

  • It doesn’t have a “forgot password“ feature.
  • Instead, the only way to recover your account is to add a recover account method prior to your loss of the account.


If you lose your authentication device and you are without a recovery method, you will not be able to recover your account.

  • Auth Armor supports two types of recovery methods.
  • Create a QR Code & Using a Security Key
  • With the default integrated being MagicLinks.
  • Below is how to achieve this in the mobile app.

Setting up recovery methods:

  • Upon clicking on the Manage Recovery Methods in the Auth Armor Mobile app.
  • Click on view recovery methods to see all your currently added Recovery Methods
  • Click on Add new method, to enable you to add a new recovery method

QR Code Recovery Method Explained:

  • The QR Method will generate a QR code image for you to store somewhere safe.
  • This will accessible in your image gallery in its respective folder.
  • To reuse this recovery code, simply scan in and you will have access back to your account.
  • QR codes can be used one time only.

Security Key Recovery Method Explained:

  • On clicking Add recovery key, you will be prompted with your device’s native security key connector.
  • You will be led through your device’s native process and referred back to the Auth Armor authenticator app.
  • Security keys are the most secure of the recovery methods.
  • You can add unlimited security keys to your account for recovery.