Use Cases

Auth Armor provides a variety of ways you can use it to solve your auth problems. For example, you can use Auth Armor to solve your:

No password needed authentication & authorization needs (Passwordless)

With Auth Armor, you can stay clear of the need for passwords from your users and instead move to other stronger methods via the variety of auth methods supported by Auth Armor here.

Email-only authentication & authorization needs (MagicLink Emails)

You can Instead of requesting other methods, simply request authentication and authorization from your users over email. This is recommended for anything requiring a simple experience as it doesn't request a lot from your users.

Touch ID, Face ID, Windows Hello, and other biometric authentication/authorization needs (Biometrics)

You can authenticate or recieve authorization from users by programmatically sending them auth request notifications to their biometric-enabled devices.

  • Users can authenticate or authorize via any Auth Armor-enabled biometric device channel.
  • Users can use their phone as an example to enable touch or face ID as their mode of authenticating or authorizing requests in your product enabling an already familiar experience for authenticating or authorizing into your product.

Your custom WebAuthIn Integrated device authentication & authorization needs (FIDO WebAuthin)

Given Auth Armor has WebAuthIn capability integrated into its product offerings, you can utilize it to enable the use of any other webauthin supported devices as your user's mode of authentication or authorization.

  • WebAuthIn is an authentication standard supported by a large pool of devices.
  • With Auth Armor, you can easily initiate the use of any of these supported devices to be the authentication or authorization channel of choice for a user or all your users.

Setting up a 2FA or MFA authentication system/flow. (Two Factor & Multi-Factor)

Auth Armor can be used to help protect existing passwords by providing industry-leading biometric security as a second authentication or authorization step to assure the security of your product users.

  • Legacy 2FA and MFA currently rely on codes being sent over SMS or generated by an app on a smart device. This is not secure and leads to account takeovers and breaches.
  • Instead, you can simply send a push message to the user's auth device of choice and request biometric authentication or authorization from them in real-time, ensuring security given biometric auth cant be easily replicated.

Any other Out of Band authentication and authorization needs (Out of Band)

Auth Armor can help you enable and support out-of-band authentication.

  • What is out-of-band authentication (OOBA) you say?
  • It is when you use two methods of communication to perform authentication. For example, most 2FA and MFA solutions can be considered out-of-band because the first authentication takes place on a web browser or app, usually when you ask for a username and password.
  • And the second authentication is a prompt for 2FA codes, and this can be sent over SMS, Email, push message, or generated by an app.
  • This means that there were two communication methods to the user about the authentication.

Auth Armor can help support out-of-band with Magiclink Email, or the Authenticator App. You can simply use our API to send a request to the user via email or push notification. This is the second line of communication after the user has entered a username or some other identifier on your website, app or service.

Easy request for user permissions authorization flow (Easy Requests for Permissions)

Auth Armor can be used to request permissions of an already authenticated user.

  • For example, you have already authenticated the user, and the user is logged in to your website app or service.
  • Now the user wants to perform an action that is considered high-security, f, a large monetary withdrawal from an account.
  • You can use Auth Armor to request additional authentication, such as a push message using our Biometric Authenticator, or a magiclink email to the user's email inbox.
  • The process of elevating permissions is fast, secure, and easy with Auth Armor.

Detecting and preventing fraud during the authentication or authorization process (Real-time Fraud Prevention)

Given alot of the authentication and authorization Auth Armor provides are biometrics-based, It is easier to authenticate the authenticity of your users. This unique detail ensures it's impossible for any bad actor to easily bypass your authentication or authorization flows.