The Auth Armor dashboard is how you create and manage projects, view reports, maintain billing details, and more.

In the below sections, we go over all the things you can do in the dashboard including managing your projects.


  • To start using Auth Armor, you need an Auth Armor Developer account. You can signup for a developer account here. No passwords are required - just an email address.
  • We’ll send you a MagicLink registration link to verify your email address and get you registered. You can then optionally link your mobile device to your Auth Armor developer account and use biometrics to login, or continue to use your email address to login.
  • After clicking the registration MagicLink, you will be asked to create an Organization. You can add team members to your organization at a later time.


  • Every admin account has access to all functions and features, including:
  • Team Management (invite/remove team members)
  • Billing (add/remove/edit billing information and change billing plans)
  • Project Settings (modify project settings)
  • An account can have access to multiple organizations if desired.


Projects represent your product in Auth Armor. - You can create unlimited projects to fit your needs, such as various environments of your product (DEV, TEST, PROD)