Form Preferences

The AuthArmor form allows you to modify certain authentication/registration-specific settings when initializing the form which helps in further improving the UX for users that are using the Auth Armor SDK to not only authenticate but also authorize payments or any other sensitive operations.

Below is a list of all the supported Form preferences:

AuthArmor.form.mount(".example-form-container", {
  preferences: {
    // Login settings
    login: {
      // Common settings for all auth methods
      default: {
      	action_name: string, // Specify a title for the action that the user will be performing
        short_msg: string, // A short message that will show up right below the action name in the app or MagicLink email
        timeout_in_seconds: 60, // Could be any number between 30-600
        origin_location_data: { // Specify the Lat/Lng coordinates of the user so it shows up in both the Auth Armor Authenticator app and the MagicLink Email
  				latitude: "40.75795351370282", 
  				longitude: "-73.98556981458626" 
      // You can also modify settings on a per-auth-method basis
      authenticator: { ... },
      magicLink: { ... },
      webauthn: { ... }
    // Registration settings
    register: { ... }